How To Download & Play Traffic Rider PC and Laptop – Windows 7/8/10


Totally a masterpiece of the racing section, Traffic Rider PC is the exact same version as Traffic Rider mobile version. This game literally reminds us of old-school gaming time and gives a detailed riding experience, and the graphics are exquisite.

Traffic Rider gameplay, by all means, is simple, you guys can have a career mode and unlock bikes and missions after missions by completing the tasks. But still, there is an issue; this game is totally made for smartphones. So you can’t play it on your personal computer directly by downloading from Microsoft Store or other places for pc gaming.

So here I’m to let you know how you guys can install this mobile game on pc and have a great gaming experience. So stay tuned here.

Excellences of Traffic Rider

Most of you wonder why people are recently searching traffic rider mod apk download. Traffic Rider may seem like an old fashioned game, you have to ride on a bike and complete missions, but the features it offers an experience you will have is absolutely mind-blowing if you play this game for the first time. So why not let me tell you about my experience with the game?

Ultra HD Graphics

Traffic Rider is getting popular among mobile gamers lately. Most of us get games like detailed graphics with pretty easy control over vehicles. In contrast, I am telling you guys, this game is absolutely different; the graphics nailed it. You will feel like playing a console or game made only for high-end GPUs.

Traffic Rider PC

Career Playing

Traffic Rider gives us an opportunity to play not only for time passing; you can build a bike carrier and play missions. So relentless driving will never bore you when you have something to achieve in this game. Furthermore, the game offers 29 bikes, and you can have the bike unlocked by completing the missions.

Earning Coins

Earning coins is a vital fact in this game, the more you’ll earn coins, the more you will have opportunities to upgrade bikes or purchase new bikes. Purchasing new bikes is a must in this game because completing the advanced missions requires high end bikes.

You can run more coins driving the bike more than 100 KM/H or overtaking the vehicles closely and riding on the opposite vehicle’s road.

Installing Traffic Rider in Your PC

I think this is exactly why you guys are here, aren’t you? Yeah, there is no direct way to download Traffic Rider on pc and play. To play the game, you have to install an emulator, which is actually an application for pc that generates android or ios operating systems like our smartphones only in that application. So, let’s see how you can install the most desired android or ios games on pc.

Download Emulator for Mac or PC

Go to your PC browser and go to google and search Bluestacks or Nox App. Either one of them will be okay. These are the emulators talked about earlier. If you want to download other android or ios games for pc, Bluestacks or Nox app will be appropriate.

So download Bluestacks from the internet and install it. For installing the software, go to the download destination on your pc and double-click on the .exe file to open the installation process. Then you’ll have a license agreement, so accept it for further procedure. And finally, initiate the installation.

After Installation

Open the emulator software and search Traffic Rider. Here, if you want to play the original game, then go to the play store or app store and find the game. But if you want to play the MOD APK where every bike is unlocked, you’ll have unlimited coins, and every mode is unlocked. For that APK file, download Apkpure first and then try to find out Traffic Rider MOD APK.

After downloading and installing the Traffic Rider, find out the icon of All Apps, touch the app, and you’ll go inside it. All the applications you have previously installed are there, and find out the Traffic Rider. If you download the Traffic Rider from Apkpure, then go to the download folder in the emulator and install the apk file just like you used to do on a smartphone.

Download Traffic Rider for PC Without Bluestacks

Now, if you find it comfortable playing Traffic Rider in an emulator, I would suggest you follow this section. Playing in an emulator often lacks, and the graphics are not up to the mark like a smartphone. Traffic Rider didn’t hesitate to make a version for only PC. So let me tell you the entire process.

  • Playing through an emulator doesn’t require much of a configuration, but if you want traffic rider download for pc, then your pc must have a RAM minimum of 8 GB. Though I recommend, 16 GB would be preferable. Other than RAM, the storage should be the SSD; anything above Intel Core i3 8th generation is a must for running the game smoothly.
  • Now check Traffic Rider at, if you don’t find it, then go to the Microsoft store and install the amazon app store. There we’ll find the Traffic Rider PC version.


Can Traffic Rider be played on pc?

Yeah, Traffic Rider can be played, but you need an emulator on your pc. Though you won’t find the app in Microsoft Store or App Store.

Can you download Traffic Rider?

You can’t directly download Traffic rider. An emulator will help you to download Traffic rider from play store or apkpure.

Is the Traffic Rider game offline?

you can play Traffic Rider online, but the game is directly from HTML5. So no need to download the game. But the graphics and gameplay are a lot worse than the one you have to download.

Final Note

Traffic Rider has taken the racing games to a whole new level, that’s why even PC gamers are looking for the PC version. Still, playing the game in an emulator requires so much RAM and graphics. Hopefully, in the near future, you can directly download the game and play it like other PC games.