How To Download & Play Traffic Rider PC and Laptop Free

Traffic Racer’s development team has come up with another new and improved bike racing game Traffic Rider. You will be a motorbike racer and have a fun experience of a motorbike race game. You can play this new game on different devices like Android, iPhone and PC, but if you do not know how to play this game on PC, then you should read this article Traffic Rider PC first.

Traffic Rider is designed for racing missions in free ride endless mode, with a full career mode. It has HD graphics, recorded sound of real motorbikes and interesting visual graphics games. Here are the models of more than 20 brands of motorbikes, so you can choose the motorbike of your choice. Traffic Riders can change the stage of the traffic and ride on the track of their choice.

Game lovers know well that this game is made for mobile users, but now there is a way to download Traffic Rider to PC. All you have to do is use a few tricks to play on the PC, and the Traffic Rider Game can be played on your PC or Laptop.

What You Will Get in Traffic Rider PC

We will play the game made for Traffic Rider Mobile on PC.

The visuals, motorbikes options, highway, graphics, missions, etc all will be there. You have to drive more than 100km/h with one average motorcycle. After you cross 100km/h you will get gold coins and with those coins, you can buy a new motorcycle or other updated features.

In this game the race is endless and the highway is straightforward. You will win each game and a new mission will be open for you. When you have enough coins you can get all updated features and enter into a new world of motorbike riding. If you can drive and win in the opposite direction, 2-way traffic you will win more coins and score. The faster you can ride your motorbike the higher points you will get. 

Traffic Rider PC – A Satisfying Visual Treat for the Motorbike Race Lovers

People who love riding a motorbike love this game because they get a chance to fulfill their dream of riding 29+ different styles of bikes on different roads and in different environments. Endless highways with different environments, and the real recorded sound of the motorbike makes this game realistic. When you play this game on a large screen and hear the real sound of motorbikes, it feels like you are really behind the wheels. There are 30+ career mode missions available, you can upgrade the bike designs and choose the brandable bikes of famous styled companies like Honda, Yamaha, Mahindra, Bajaj TVS, etc.  If you want you can also change the traffic mode and select high traffic mode or low traffic mode or traffic-less road. It’s all up to you, how you want to play the game. 

There are few ways available to traffic rider pc download and play it online. Excited to know about them and download the traffic rider game on PC? Let’s know. 

Traffic Rider PC

Traffic Rider For PC

These days most of the developed and popular games are available only to play on android or iOS. But there are some players who want to play this game on a big screen like a PC or laptop to have a better experience. But what to do when these games don’t have a PC version? Download the Android emulators and install all games like PUBG, Snapseed, Subway Surfers, beauty Plus or Traffic Rider PC on your PC. The Android emulators allow you to play traffic rider game for pc on your PC or laptop.

It means that if the Traffic Rider Pc isn’t available you can download and play it on your pc with the help of Emulators. There are two popular Android Emulators that you can use to play Traffic Rider PC. Let’s get to know them.

Android Emulators Number One- Bluestack

Bluestack, it’s one of the most used android emulators you can use to download the traffic rider game on a PC or laptop. It’s the coolest app you can use to run android apps on a Windows PC or laptop. Bluestack is also available to use on Mac OS. Let’s know how to download this emulator on your PC.

Go to the Play Store and write Bluestack on the search query, and download it. After you have installed this emulator on your PC, open it. It may take some time to load initially. After it opens you will see the Bluestack home screen. Now log in to your play store account and search with Traffic Rider and install it. The game will be installed under the Bluestacks. Now playing the traffic rider game on your big screen PC and having a better riding experience is possible with the help of Bluestack.

Some think using an emulator may be slower than using a phone. But that’s not true. A game installed on Bluestack is 6X faster than the game installed in the Samsung j7. So there is no chance of playing the game slower than a mobile. You can play the game on PC in the same way you had played it on your mobile or ios. But make sure one thing, your PC has enough configuration to use Bluestacks emulator. If the configuration is not good you will face loading issues while you play highly developed games like PUBG or Traffic Rider.

Android Emulators Number Two – MEmu Play

Another popular android emulator is MEmu Play. It’s very flexible and gained popularity very soon. It’s exclusively designed for gaming downloads and it’s not any slow emulators, it’s faster.

You can use it to download game apps on windows 10, 8, 7, or laptops. How to download it? Open the play store and search for this emulator app. When MEmu Play will be installed on your PC, log in to the play store account. Now search for the Traffic Rider game on the play store. Once you find the traffic rider game tap the install button and install it. Wait until it’s installed, it will take time to load. Now open the Traffic Rider game, it will be shown under the MEmu Play app. 

Which Android Emulator is Best?

Both the Bluestack and MEmu play android emulators are best. But MEmu play is more flexible than Bluestack and it’s also lightweight. The download process is simple in both apps and both the apps allow playing any high-end game. Check your PC configuration and find out which android emulators will be flexible for your PC. now select the android emulators that seem best to you. Both the emulators we have mentioned above are well qualified and popular, so you can choose any of them without being worried. Download the android emulator app on your PC, now click on the traffic rider game download for pc or traffic rider game free download and play the traffic rider game without any restriction.


Traffic riders have gained enormous popularity in a short time. It’s simple to play but enjoyable. But you can’t install this game on your PC or laptop. But if you want you can play this game on your PC too by downloading the game app through an emulator. We have told you about the most popular and effective emulators. You can download any of them and then install any gaming app on your PC and play.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

How can I play traffic rider on my PC or Laptop?

To play traffic rider on your PC or laptop, First, download the Bluestack or any Android Emulators on your laptop to play traffic rider on your laptop. Make sure you have deleted the previous traffic rider game if you have one. Go to the setting and allow receiving data from an unknown source. You are ready to install it on any device that supports Google Play Store, including Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Open an account on the play store and search for the traffic rider game and tab to download it. 
It is not difficult to play it on your PC or laptop, choose the bike you want to ride, and start riding and collecting rewards. Once you complete one level, you will get another new level with new missions. You just have to ride the bike and reach your destination before anyone else without hitting any car and before the time is up.

How to Install Traffic Rider on PC?

First, download an android emulator on your PC, then search for the play store and create a new account on it. Now, search in the play store, download the Traffic rider game on your pc, and play it without any worry.

How do you play the traffic Rider game?

Playing traffic rider game is just a piece of cake. Download the game and install it on your phone; you will be given a regular bike to complete the first ride of riding 100km/h. After you complete this ride, you will earn some gold coins and score. With those earned gold coins, you can update your motorbikes and other features. Like this, you will complete one mission, and another mission with new features will be opened for you.

How many riding modes are there?

In the traffic rider game, there are four riding modes. The first is Free Ride Mode, the second is Time Trial Mode, the third is Endless Mode, and the fourth is Career Mode. You can select your riding mode and play it as you wish.

What makes this game different and enjoyable?

The real record sound of the motorbike and the environment make this game different than other racer games. This game has sunny days, sunset scene, highway road, moon night, rainy season, snowfall, breezy air and all real sound that makes this game more realistic and enjoyable.