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Traffic rider is one of the most popular racer games. This game is available in 19+ languages to help its users understand the game. You will have different motorbike options, endless highways, several environments, easy control, first perspective real experience, and lots more. Let’s know more about Traffic Rider APK.

Why Download Traffic Rider APK Version

In this game, you have to ride a motorbike for 100km/h and win the race as your first ride. You will get some cash and gold coins as a reward. You can use these rewards to update game features and purchase new motorcycles.  

Already played the free mode and bored? 

Searching for the paid version of traffic rider gameplay for free? It’s possible.

After playing the free mode of traffic rider, you may get exhausted. Or after completing all the levels of the free version, it’s time to open the upgraded traffic rider version. How to do that?

As we said, you have to use your earned rewards in updating features, unlocked new levels. But at a time, the rewards aren’t enough to update or enter the premium version. You may have to play all the levels more and more to win more coins or cash. Imagine you have now earned enough cash and coins; still, you can’t open the premium version. You have to spend some real money to buy the premium version. And the cost isn’t a lower amount; it’s gonna cost you a hefty amount. So To help you in enjoying all updated features for free, we have brought this mod apk free download link. Once you download the traffic rider free download mod apk game from our link, you will enjoy unlimited cash, gold coins, new features, and many more for free.

What will You Get in Traffic Rider Free Download Apk Version?

If you upgrade the game or download the Traffic Rider APK Modified version, you will get the updated version for free. In the mod version, you will enjoy better features like 29+ motorbikes of 20 popular brands, 3D realistic graphics, Different environments with better updates, Road options to choose from, Better control, Speed customizing, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Keys, Unlimited Cash, etc.

Real experience

The premium traffic rider mod apk version will have more high-quality real motorbike recorded sound to make you feel you are actually riding the motorbike. And you will be behind the camera and the bike & road will be in front of you that will make you feel you are sitting on the motorbike and riding it.


Traffic Rider is a global game, and its users are from different countries. So keep in mind the user’s needs, the developers have made this game available in 19+ languages, so the users can play and understand it in their language. They won’t face difficulty understanding anything or have to translate and then take further steps to play the game.

Customization Option

Apart from 29+ branded bikes, you still have the option to customize the bike and make it as you want. You can also customize the bike speed or bike controls for an easy ride or experiment with new rides.


There will be new graphics to make the ride more realistic; you can choose which graphic you want for which missions. On top of that, you can also select the environment; you can set the environment as a snowy day, moonlight, rainy day, breezy air, etc., and enjoy the ride.

Online leaderboards

Traffic Rider game is playable both offline and online. You can play it without any internet connection or play it online with your friends if you want. According to your skill, you will get a position on the online leaderboard. You can invite your real friends to join this virtual game. 

Unlimited rewards

In the free mode, you have to play and complete each level to earn more rewards, but in the premium version, you will play only to win and earn a position, not rewards? Why? Because you already will have unlimited cash, unlimited coins, unlimited keys, etc. You can use these rewards as you wish to; they aren’t gonna be finished.

Traffic Rider Free Download

Different Modes of Traffic Rider Game

This game has three modes: free mode, time mode, timeless mode, and career mode. You can play any mood you want on your android. Want to know little details about the mode? Read below.

Free Mode

In the free ride mode, you will play the traffic rider game without worrying about time or completing the missions. Just play with your heart. Keep riding your motorbike and win lots of gold coins and rewards. Use these coins and rewards to upgrade your motorbike, better graphics, and other features. 

Time Mode

In the time mode, you have to reach the finishing line before the time ends, here you don’t have to worry about the competitors; just count the time and reach the destination before the time ends. When you complete the race before the time ends, you win the game along with gold coins and rewards to buy new upgraded features.

Timeless mode

You can ride your motorbike without worrying about the time limit in the timeless mode. Just worry about going ahead of competitors and reaching the destination before they reach.

Career Mode

You will be given a mission; once you complete one mission, another mission is open for you. There are so many missions available you can’t think of. You will have more challenges in your career mission to complete.

All four modes of the game made this smooth arcade racing game an awesome bike driving game. If you are here to play and enjoy this game’s real fun, you should try every mode. You can switch the game mode anytime you wish to. If you are not interested in playing free mode and are passionate about completing the requirements, you can play the traffic rider time mode. And if you like to explore more, go with the career mode version.


We have told you about the Traffic Rider Apk Version like what you will get in the mod apk version, why to download it, and what modes are available in this game. What more would you like to know about this game? Just download it from our link and start to enjoy riding your favorite motorcycle. Now, if you have something more to know about this game, you can ask us.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

What is Traffic Rider Mod?

Traffic rider mod is a developed game that will give you the feeling of a real biker on a mission to complete 70+ races and with a goal of 30+ achievements. To make the ride more enjoyable, 29+ branded motorbikes options, control, and speed options, the environment changes option, graphics changes options, four modes options,  roads options, etc.

What is the game about?

The game is all about motorbiking. You will face different challenges in each mission. Once you complete each level, you will reach another level with new challenges. Like this, you will get more than 70 missions and 30 achievements in this game. It’s gonna be really interesting and fun to play. This game will give you the feeling of a real biker.

Can I use Traffic Rider Free Software?

Yes, you can use the traffic rider-free software; it’s safe and virus-free. But for that, you have to make your phone ready to accept unknown resources from unknown devices. Open your settings, click on security and allow unknown resources.

What are the new features of racing?

Many new features of racing are added in the traffic rider premium version. 70+ missions, 29+ branded motorcycles, 30+ achievements, different roads, four modes of game, 3D graphics, several environment options, better control, speed, etc.

How To Download The APK File?

Downloading the apk file and installing the game is very simple. Click on the mod apk line we have provided, and the app will be installed on your android, now allow your phone to accept resources from unknown devices, and install the game on your phone.

To know more details about downloading the game for your PC, you can check our article, How to Download Traffic Rider on PC, and for android users Download Traffic Rider Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2022.