Traffic Rider Cheats- Earn Ultimate Points & Cash

Traffic Rider is the most thrilling and legendary moto game. It is launched by the studio Skgames. This game is very unique from others, and this is the main reason for its popularity. It is loaded with a bunch of missions and lets you earn gold and cash. 

You can spend your leisure time with fun through this motorcycle riding. Racing on highway traffic is breathtaking. However, to play successfully, you need to follow multiple tips and tricks. So go through these Traffic Rider Cheats to get motion-based controls. 

What Is Traffic Rider And How To Download it?

Traffic Rider is a game of speed and strategy. There are many versions available, and all of them take you forward to the adventure. In this game, you will ride a motorcycle, and you need to go around cars and vans on the highway roads. This game includes the coolest and most powerful bikes for an enjoyable experience. The more you go quickly and clearly, you can gain points. 

Traffic Rider 2 Mod download can be done with any APK site. Go to any Browser and search for Traffic Rider Mod APK new version. Then you can choose from the result, and you can download the game. The newer versions of the game have endless ride options and great graphic quality.

Traffic Rider Cheats

This is a fun game with a lot of potential. Traffic Rider Cheats APK is an interesting concept for a racing game and is very well designed. However, this does not mean that it is easy to win the races. Below I will be going over some cheats to help you win more races in the game.

Keep the Bike in the Middle

Always make second-split decisions so that you have enough time to react. Don’t wait too long to make a decision, as it ends up crashing. While juking around cars to the left and right, don’t think about dodging. Always dodge from the middle. However, driving between cars can be risky and tricky. So avoid driving between two cars until it’s an emergency to save your game. 

Never Lose Concentration

The career mode of the Traffic Rider is the most complex mode. You need to overcome various objectives to complete each level. The career mode is not easy, like a simple race from point A to point B.

In this mode, you need to drive a certain distance or overtake a certain amount of cars in a minute or at a specific time. If you don’t stay concentrated, you won’t overcome these objectives and lose the mission. So it will be a fun game if you keep concentrating. 

Modify the Controls

By default, you can see a motion-based control system in the game. But if you can change the control layout of the game to make it easy for you. To modify the controls, go to the menu options, tap controls, and select one from the control options. There are three layouts for the control system. 

Earn more points

Here is the most effective tip to earn the most cash possible. The more time you spend in the opposite lane, you can earn cash in your gaming account. For example, if you are riding on a two-lane highway, go to the opposite lane, pass the cars as possible as you can, try to drive the bike over 100 KM/H, and so on. 

It would be better if you do all of this and rack up your combo, and you can earn more cash in one round. Lastly, finish the race. 

Buy New Bikes

To upgrade the speed, brakes, and handling of your bike, you need to buy parts. Although buying a whole new bike is more worthy. A more powerful bike lets you level up. However, if you don’t have the cash to buy a new bike, then keep playing the older level again and again until you earn enough cash. Moreover, you can play the unlockable modes, time trials, or endless modes to earn more cash. 

Gold Usage

Gold in the game gives a lot of benefits. For example, it restarts the game after losing a mission. To earn the gold, you can go to the button that is wrapped as a gift. You can also earn gold by sharing the game on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube and by watching ads and free videos. These actions let you earn up to 2 free gold. 

Sometimes, you may run out of ads or videos. To reload them, shut the game, wait for 5-10 minutes, and check it again.

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Finish Line

Sometimes when the finish line comes closer or crosses, the last car can end up crashing. So when you see the victory line right into the rear of a semi-truck in front, you need to get over the front wheel and cross over the finish line. Then you are good to go. Remember, as soon as you meet objectives; the game will end. 


How do you win a Traffic Rider?

Players of Traffic Rider require to complete various challenges to win a level. There are mixed objectives while dodging traffic at high speeds. If you follow my given tips, tricks, and cheats, you can make a good record.

What is the highest score in Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider announces a list of the top 30 players. Among them, ItzJhonny has made the highest score which is 18,180. The score is really high and hard to beat.

How many levels are there in Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider is truly a massive game where you can play over 40 levels. Moreover, you will get bonus objectives if you reach quicker to your goal.

What is the MB of Traffic Rider?

Traffic Rider is about 141.3 MB. You need this size of free storage on your device to download the game.

Final Words

Traffic Rider is bringing about a new hype among the game players. The ultra-fast levels, speed, innovative graphics, and earning cash and gold all the things make the game truly challenging and amazing. Following these cheats, you can win the game easily.