Traffic Rider Game Features Android Apps

Calling out the racer lover or love bike racing? A new masterpiece racer game is here. This bike racer game is waiting for you to stay behind the wheels of the astounding motorbikes and complete the race. This game is a full career mode game where you will complete each level and reach the next level with lots of gold, points. And if you want to go into the fun zone directly, download the updated Traffic Rider Game Features. Traffic rider is a first-person view game with splendid graphics, various options of road, situation, traffic, visuals, and new challenges. When you complete one level and reach the next level, the competition increases, and you face new challenges and to conquer these challenges, you have to sit there for hours. This game has the power to make you sit and play until you are satisfied. Whenever you win a game, something new is waiting for you. You will not only win just free gold coins, but there will also be a new rough road for you, realistic scenery, traffic, and lots of obstacles that you have to overcome, etc.

Your Goals in Traffic Rider Game Features

In this game, you have to Cut across traffic with your two-wheeler super speedy motorbike. Your goal will be to reach the destination before the time is up.  You will play this game in the first-person perspective with dozens of new hunts.

Traffic rider game is a full career mode game that offers you endless style. You will have splendid cities where you will ride your stiff bike and earn lots of points. Not only are gold coins waiting for you, but a variety of missions and amusing modes will also open for you. But you can’t play with your aspiring motorbike at the start of the game. First, you will be given a regular motorbike with a mode of riding 100 km/h. You will get a two-controller to speed up or slow down the motorbike.

After you complete driving 100 km/h in the fixed duration and without hitting the road or car, you will get a score and bonus gold coins. With these gold coins, you can buy your desired motorbikes or other features. And if you drive in the opposite direction and win, you will get extra gold coin/cash and more score. But if you can’t complete the race, you have to start over again. here you can saev yourself and get a new life with the rewards. if you don’t have the enough rewads, use the Traffic rider APK Version Game, here you will have unlimited rewrds that you can use as per yoru need.  The more succeed you be, the higher position you get in the online leaderboard.

With the Original version of the game, you have to pass across particular parts of the route in the game and enter a new route. While Traffic rider apk download will have 70+ missions, 29+ motorbikes, excellent graphics, numerous visuals, original sound of motorbike riding and vibrating.

Traffic Rider Game Features

We have known enough about the game, now let’s know about the apk features you will get in this traffic rider game.

Immersive Standpoint

To make your ride more enjoyable, you can set the camera view. Multiple camera view options are there to give you original riding experiences. You can set the camera view in a first-person camera view or a third-person camera view. Choose the camera view to have a better observation. You can try both the view options and then use the one that you find more enjoyable.


The Traffic Rider game comes with a control option to make your ride simple without facing any difficulties. You just have to tap on the side you want your bike to move, and you will have the bike in the right direction you want. This game is simple to access and has the option to adjust the tilt control that allows you to enjoy enthralling gameplay.

Numerous Motorbikes

Traffic riders have 29+ motorbikes, including 20 different motorbike designs, including Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Indian, BMW, Yamaha, Suzuki. All these larger brands of motorbikes will be available in the game. The gold coins you earned you can spend on buying new design motorbikes. Choose your favourite one and cruise the way. Updated bikes mean more powerful rides that will satisfy you for sure. But if you download the traffic rider all bikes unlocked apk version you will get all features for free and without putting any effort.


Traffic rider apk game features realistic 3d graphics that make the game immensely relish to play. In this game, you will find yourself on an authentic journey where the environment will be excellent. The highway, the background, the motorbike, and the weather everything will be perfect and will allow you to feel the ride. You can enjoy this traffic rider apk game whenever or wherever you want on your smartphone.

Realistic Sound

The sound of this game makes this game more enjoyable. You can’t discriminate between the motorbike you will hear in the game and what you hear in real life because the game sound is recorded from a realistic bike, which makes this game more dynamic.

Real Experience

After riding a motorbike in a detailed environment with precise elements in a traffic rider apk game, you will feel like riding a motorbike in real life. The experience will be so realistic that you will enjoy every moment. There will be breezy air that will make you bumps with lifelike physics.

Explore the Career Mode

To start your biker adventure journey, you will get a chance to learn the basics of biking in a traffic rider game. You will participate in an incredible riding career mode and will get a chance to prove yourself as one of the greatest motorbike riders in the world. I mean the traffic rider gaming world. There will be 70+ missions in the apk version that you can explore with your desired motorbikes.

Traffic Rider Game Features

Customizing Option

The Traffic rider apk game allows you to customize your motorbike as you want. You will get various options to change your bike engine, tires, exhaust, etc. You can change all the bike parts for a better ride and make it a better bike as you wish. Along with part changing, you can also decorate your motorbike with some decorative items like stickers, painting, and other creativity. Traffic rider apk has every option to make your ride a better one and enjoyable when you have the traffic rider download apk version.


If you are worried that you don’t know English, you don’t have to be. The Traffic rider  apk app is available in the 19 most talked languages of the world. So you will get 19 language options to choose from. Search for your national language or any other language you know and set that as the preferred language. Then you will get all updates in your selected language, and you can play the game without being bothered about the language barriers.

Online Achievement

Millions of players from different locations play the online gameplay Traffic rider free game. When you join online and play this game with other people, a competition begins. Whoever completes the race first and earns more points gets a position in the leaderboards.  According to standard, there are 30+ achievements in the online gameplay that is provided to the winners.

Download Traffic Rider APK

Traffic Rider APK has all the features that the original version and some more amazing updated features without spending any original money. Download this traffic rider apk version from our provided link and enjoy the game. Our APK version will give you the real experience of riding a motorbike. When you download the mod apk version you get the modified versions where all the updated features aren’t added, but with the APK version, you get extra updated features with the original features. So if you want to enjoy all the updated features that the original game has, download the Traffic Rider Apk Version right now by clicking on our link. You can play this traffic rider apk version on your android phone, iOS and even on PC or laptop with the help of an android emulator. Don’t know how to use an android emulator? You can check the article How To Download & Play Traffic Rider on PC and Laptop Free and enjoy the game on the large screen.


Traffic Rider Apk is one of the best motorcycle race games in the world. Haven’t tried yetthen you are already excited to trying once. aren’t you? The amazing features of this game will attract you and make you play for hours. Trust me, it won’t bore you, will give you a better ride; start once and see the magic, how this game makes you play this all your passing time and feel like riding a realistic motorbike.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

Is traffic rider an offline game?

Traffic Rider is an offline game. So you can play it whenever and wherever you want! The gameplay of this game will never end because there are no advertisements, banners, or other annoying things that would take your time. It has been developed to be free of any type of advertising which is a great advantage for gamers. You can play it on your smartphone, ios, or even on a laptop without an internet connection. whether you have to worry about your location, stuck in traffic or with a bored friend, just start playing the game and win excellent rewards.
But if you want, you can play it online and share your score with your friends. you can also even invite your real friends through email or your Facebook friends or some online player to make it more enjoyable. Not only playing but there is an awarding also. When you do well than others, you get a position in online leaderboards according to your riding skills. So this game is a good choice for you.

How do you get a high score on Rider?

When you play the game and complete it without hitting any vehicle in the low time that anyone couldn’t yet complete, you get a high score. You can make a high score by playing this game offline or online; it’s your wish, you just have to complete it before anyone else completes it or someone has completed it before.

How many language traffic rider supports?

Traffic Rider is a popular worldwide game. So the developer has updated this game. Now this game is available in 19 languages. Go to the language setting and search for your language, and set it as your language. From now on in the game, you will get all the information in your language.

How do you get free money on traffic riders?

Getting free money on traffic riders is simple. When you start the game, you will be given a task with a regular bike. You have to complete riding 100km/h before the time ends. Now what you have to do is complete the race as soon as you can. The faster you complete the race and reach the finishing level, the more free money you will get.

Can you use your old play store account when you download the Traffic Rider Apk Version?

No, you can’t log in to your old play store account to download the Traffic Rider Apk version. You have to create a new account in the play store and then download the new version. Because sometimes, the developers of the games suspend the play store account if you are trying to get the mod version for free.