Tips and Tricks of Traffic Rider: To Understand the Game at Ease


Traffic rider is one of the most popular games from SK games and no matter where you are, at the park, office, restaurant, or bus stop, this will accompany you in the most friendly way. Riding a bike is always fun in the game and when Traffic Rider offers motion-based controls, speed, traffic, and different challenges.

But it’s really tough to get a successful career graph in traffic riders if you compare it to other online players’ performance. In that case, Traffic Rider Tricks are important to know and apply. Here we would discuss riding tips, earning coin tips, and how to become a good rider. So let’s get started.

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Secrets of a Successful Riding

Successful riding depends on lots of things but the most important thing is experience. Without the experience of playing traffic bridging no matter how many traffic rider tips you have, you won’t pay in the long run. So try the game first then come here to learn about tricks and tips.

Earning More Coins

Traffic Rider’s goal is to earn more money and buy more motorcycles or upgrade them. The first thing is to earn more and more coins by playing missions. The more you’ll play the more you’ll earn.

Traffic Rider Tips and Tricks To Get Higher Score

Response Speed

Traffic Rider is a motion game, so fast reaction is a must-have thing a good player needs. And a good response depends on how fast your brain is working. That’s why we recommend setting a routine based gaming time for Traffic Rider. Otherwise, an untimely play of Traffic Rider can cause a lack of attention during riding.

If you want to play the traffic rider game on a larger screen but couldn’t play it as it doesn’t support a PC or laptop, I have a solution for you. Check out here How To Download & Play Traffic Rider PC and Laptop – Windows 7/8/10. Following the process will take you to play the game on your PC or Laptop that will give you a better riding experience.

Changing the Lanes

It’s a common thing in Traffic Rider, but for a better gaming score, try to change lanes as soon as any vehicle appears in your lane, do not wait for the last seconds to change lanes. However do not try to move between two vehicles, it’s not real motorcycle riding, in this game, there is no space between vehicles.

Dangerous Overtaking

We recommend you to avoid doing yeah the dangerous or close overtaking brings extra points, but they are not worth it for the risk. So ride simple and long, it will bring you more points.

Upgrading MotorCycle

Upgrading motorcycles has a huge impact on riding and earning. To upgrade the motorcycle, Traffic Rider has a garage option where you can examine the details of your motorcycle and upgrade what you need according to your savings coins.

At the bottom of the garage panel, you will see the option motorcycle, where you will have the motorcycle you already bought and also locked motorcycles. Buying the new motorcycle with the game cash will allow you to have a better riding experience.

A motorcycle can have many characteristics, but if you have no idea about them, just try to get the one that has better acceleration and controllability than your previous bike. So you guys have an idea about how to unlock a bike in a Traffic rider and select the best one for you without getting confused.

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Extending the Available Time

For every mission, a traffic rider sets a specific amount of time, but sometimes this time won’t be enough. Normally if you cross a checkpoint time will add but there is another way to earn time, when you overtake a vehicle very closely, it will be counted as Close Shave.

Every close shave will add 0.1 split seconds. But you must do it while riding fast, otherwise slow Close Shaves will bring no benefits.

Earning Free Gold

Earning free gold is a useful way to save more gold. Watching the advertisements and sharing the game and results with others allow us to have more gold as a bonus. Follow all the Traffic Riders pages from different social media.

Frequently asked questions (FAQS)

How do I get better at Traffic Rider?

To get better at Traffic Rider, one must practice the game many times and follow a routine. Overplaying the game will never help you to learn fast. Also earning more coins and upgrading the bike will level up you swiftly.

What is the highest score in Traffic Rider?

3.048.109 M is the highest score for a traffic rider since 2019. No one has ever reached near this score since then.

How many levels are there in Traffic Rider?

More than 40 levels in the Traffic Rider game. Furthermore, there are a few more extra objectives and gaming missions. Also, it offers several game modes, many motorcycles, and racing events.

What is a gold for in Traffic Rider?

Gold is like game cash in Traffic Rider. After finishing a race, you will be rewarded with gold which it adds to your game cash. Spending gold we upgrade and unlock motorcycles.


Finally, you know so many things about the Traffic Rider Tips and Tricks, but do you still have any doubt if the game is for you? When you see someone playing it, it feels like they are still in the Road Rash gaming era. But once someone starts playing it, the game fascinates him/ her until they upgrade and unlock several bikes. So try Traffic Rider and follow the tips and tricks to learn better.