Download Traffic Rider MOD APK (Android & iOS version)


Right now, Traffic Rider is one of the most popular games in the racing section. The unique thing about this game is you can have 29 different racing bikes. Furthermore, more than 70 missions will never bore you. Absolutely perfect and exquisite in terms of graphics and driving experience.

So why do you need a Traffic Rider MOD APK? Why don’t you simply download this apk from the play store or apple store? Here is the major problem, to purchase new bikes and equipment in the game you must spend real money. That is too costly for our young generation; without upgrading or purchasing a new bike, you can’t complete missions after a certain level.

This is the reason why most of the mobile gamers are looking for the Traffic Rider All Bikes Unlocked. Here I’ll let you know more about Traffic Rider and its features and then teach you the process of installing the traffic rider unlimited money ios.

Features of Traffic Rider

Here I would like to let you know about what are the things that make this game so special. Surely Traffic Rider offers some special features that we rarely see in other moto games.

HD Graphics

First of all, mobile games are getting so popular day by day, and everyone has a smartphone. You can download any moto racing gaming from the play store or other online stores, but Traffic Rider will give a completely different gaming experience. It almost feels like the bike is riding through cities and towns we see in other high-end PC games or console games. Everything about this game is very exquisite, and anything about the graphics will never be disappointing.


The career mode of a traffic rider is one of the best features. There are many racing games where you get detailed graphics experience and many cars or bikes. But having a carrier mode and improving the career with better riding will give you an extra vibe. Your target will always be achieving a new bike and unlocking the next mission.

Endless Riding

In most of the moto racing games, we don’t get unlimited time for riding anything. But Traffic Rider allows us to ride unlimited time unless we collide with cars. I suggest you play free traffic mode if you are a first-timer. Driving is not a bread and butter in this game.

Interesting Facts

The game is more of an enjoyable one because it offers more coins for faster riding. If you drive near 100 KM/H and overtake vehicles slowly, bonus points will be rewarded. Doing extra bits of skills like wheelies and driving on an opposite road give an extra score.

Installing Traffic Rider MOD APK

Look, this MOD APK is different from the original Traffic Rider APK, so if you have any original version of the game, you must delete that. Search in google traffic rider mod download apkpure and go to the apkpure page, or directly go to apkpure application and Download Traffic Rider MOD APK. If you have an iPhone, then search traffic rider mod apk ios in google.

After downloading the APK file, for a newbie installing an APK file is a tough job. So here I am describing to you the process of installing Traffic Rider MOD APK.

  • Step – 1 Go to settings in your android device and open security settings.
  • Step – 2 Find out the device administration and select the Unknown Sources option or just turn it on.
  • Step – 3 Now go to the download folder and find out the traffic rider mod apk android 1.
  • Step – 4 Touch the APK file and then select install and wait for the installation process to be finished.
  • Step – 5 After installation, touch the Traffic Rider icon and enjoy the game.
Traffic Rider Mod APK
Traffic Rider Mod APK Latest Version

What’s New in the Traffic Rider MOD APK

You guys have known about the Traffic Rider original game, why the game is so popular and why people want to have the traffic rider mod apk revdl. Let’s see what will be new and unblocked in the MOD APK version.


First of all, you don’t have to purchase any bike. All bikes are unlocked. There are 29 bikes in Traffic Rider. It takes too much time and sometimes costs money to unlock all the bikes. But for most of us, we don’t have the patience to unlock every single bike. That’s why for us, the MOD APK gives us all bikes unlocked, and we can have an experience of all bikes during the experience in no time.


There are three modes in the Traffic Rider original version. You must unlock the three modes one by one. But in this MOD APK, you’ll have all the modes unlocked from the very beginning.

You’ll even have the time trial mode unlocked in the MOD APK version. It means you’ll set the timing for a destination, and you have to reach it within that time.

No Limit of Fuel

Not only are modes unlocked in MOD APK, but you’ll not face any limit for fuel. It means you can ride as slowly as you want. No need to get tensed about refueling.

Other Conveniences

Other modes include unlocked bikes and unlimited fuel, Traffic Rider MOD version gives unlimited gold, double the cash, and the game has no ads. Even if you crash it 3 times, in the original game, your game will end, but in this MOD APK it will let you play again after you crashed.


Is there any Traffic Rider 2 MOD APK?

Yeah, just like Traffic Rider MOD APK, the Traffic Rider has MOD APK too. There you can have all the bikes unlocked and get unlimited money, and all the modes are unlocked.

Can I download Traffic Rider ios from apkpure?

Yeah surely, apkpure offers apk files for both android and ios. And just like android MOD APK, the MOD version of Traffic Rider in ios gives us unlimited access to everything.

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Final Note

Traffic Rider is no doubt a popular game for smartphones, but the MOD version of it has nailed everything. From now you guys don’t have to try any mission numerous times for lacking a better bike that is actually worth it for that mission. All bikes are unlocked, so try anything anytime you want.